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Hello Streeters,

My name is Leticia Sandoval.  I recently joined ASR and am anxious to make your acquaintance.

In case you wonder who I am, here is a snippet.  For the past 7 years, I have been teaching at AISD, where currently I am a 2nd Grade Bilingual teacher.   To date, teaching has been my primary job for 14 years.  (My goal is to make the transition OUT of teaching and into real estate full-time!  Yay me!)

I am the proud parent of two awesome children, a daughter 22 (Aggie) and a son, 14 (8th grader).  Pflugerville is where we call home.  Been in real estate four years.  Many things interest me as I love to learn. 

Please do not be offended or annoyed if I reach out to you for help or assistance.  With all the great things I have heard about the Streeters, I am certain there are tons of information I can glean from each of you.

Look forward to meeting you all this summer.  


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