5 Great Places To See Bluebonnets In Texas

5 Great Places To See Bluebonnets In Texas

Dated: 03/28/2018

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Bluebonnets have already begun to bloom in many places across Texas thanks to recent, unseasonably warm weather. Are you still trying to decide which wildflower-enveloped town to visit this year? Consider these favorite locations, listed in no particular order, and don’t forget to call the Texas Department of Transportation Wildflower Hotline (800-452-9292) before you go for even more up-to-date information.

1. Brenham


Photo: Flickr/[email protected]

You don’t have to trek off the beaten path – or even drive off the main roads – to find a bounty of Bluebonnets in Brenham. Beautiful blooms can be found behind the Walmart, La Quinta Inn & Suites, and Home Depot on Wood Ridge Boulevard, by Highway 290 near Las Fuentes Restaurant and Knights Inn or Highway 290 near The Church of Christ, even between the local Dollar Tree and Whataburger. Visitbrenhamtexas.com maintains an active “Wildflower Watch” blog that is updated frequently so visitors know exactly what stage the blooms are in before they visit. Brenham is listed on many personal, photography, and wildflower blogs as a town with safe parking places, often a conundrum when it comes to the most coveted bluebonnet corridors.

2. Ennis


Photo: Flickr/Clovergreen

Think of the Ennis Garden Club as a group of your own dedicated wildflower scouts. Each year, club members drive local wildflower trails to check the bloom status every week starting in April. They report the state of Bluebonnets to the Ennis Convention and Visitors Bureau so that visitors stay well informed about the absolute best spot to enjoy the town’s beloved wildflowers. More than 40 miles of mapped driving Bluebonnet trails April 1 -30 are sponsored by the Ennis Garden Club, and these trails are the oldest of its kind in the state, according to visitennis.org. In Ennis, the Bluebonnets typically peak around the third week of April, but this varies year to year depending on weather conditions, so check the website or call (972) 878-4748. The Ennis Convention and Visitors Bureau is open seven days a week in April.

3. Marble Falls

Marble Falls

Bluebonnets and the Colorado River? Marble Falls can boast much beauty. Check out the 400 acre Turkey Bend Recreation Area for gorgeous bluebonnet views. Muleshoe Bend is also a hotspot for wildflowers, though some of the formerly abundant fields are under water this year. The un-submerged patches, though, should be glorious. Highway 281, all the way through Burnet and on to Lampasas, is also a wildflower-full stretch of country road. But before heading out of town, don’t forget a stop at the Blue Bonnet Cafe for soup, sandwiches, chicken-fried steak, pot roast or simply a slice of the cafe’s famous pie.  

4. Kingsland

Kingsland bluebonnets

Photo: Flickr/Sally Tudor

Kingsland might not be the first town that pops into your head when it comes to notorious wildflower-strewn destinations, but it has received impressive reviews the last several years as being one of the best Bluebonnet gems in the Hill Country. It also offers unique and striking photography opportunities. Abandoned railroad tracks run through fields of Bluebonnets, and if you’re willing to walk a mile off FM 1431, there’s even an old bridge with “1902” worked into the metalwork at the top. There is also abandoned farm equipment dotted throughout Kingsland that makes a beautiful focal point for photos. Just remember to pay attention and heed to private property signs, and be respectful of local landowners.

5. Burnet


Photo: Flickr/Kimberley Williams

Burnet offers all the best of a wildflower town – sweeping Bluebonnet landscape views, photo-friendly spots, and hills and lakes. They also have an annual Bluebonnet Festival. “Always taking place the second weekend in April, the Bluebonnet Festival draws 30,000 people annually to Burnet, Texas,” the festival website says. “Each year, activities are added to keep the festival exciting for first time visitors as well as repeat festival fans. Once you have attended your first Bluebonnet Festival, you’ll be hooked.” This year the 34th annual festival is April 7-9.

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