Mischievous Puppy Training

Dated: 08/29/2019

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Mischievous Puppies 

Image titleZoe thinking she is a figurine for my table!

Image titleAria Taking a breather from running in doors!

My girls have been growing like weeds they are healthy active and very mischievous!
This month I am writing about  how we can train our furry family members  to protect our biggest investment and create a happy atmosphere in our home.
Don’t wait until your puppy is a teenager before teaching basic manners. Hope these steps help..

Step one- You need to be the pack leader to enforce safety, respect and house rules....
Step two- Exercise your new puppy.  Burn off as much of his playful energy as possible with walks and outdoor or indoor play.. 
Step Three- Make sure you have plenty of chews and toys on hand to help prevent boredom and keep your walls and  furniture safe.
Step Four-  Foundation of training should be based on positive reinforcement. Reinforcement can be anything your dog likes. Most people use small pieces of a “high value” food as a reward. 
Step five- Taking your puppy to new places and introducing him to new people and other animals is essential.
Step six- Meet your puppy's instinctive needs; it’s not practical to expect them to never chew or bark. The trick is getting them to chew the right things and bark at the right times
Step Seven- Remember that bored puppies will look for ways to entertain themselves. Lack of physical exercise and mental stimulation can lead to anxiety frustration, and destructive behavior.  

Stay positive and treating them kindly will yield a great results in your home! 
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Mischievous Puppy Training

Mischievous Puppies Zoe thinking she is a figurine for my table!Aria Taking a breather from running in doors!My girls have been growing like weeds they are healthy active and very mischievous

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