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Dated: 05/01/2019

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Although I am not a native Texan, I've lived in this state for a total of almost 11 years.  I last moved back to Texas after spending many years living in the New York City area.  My main hobby of the past 20 or so years has been running, and New York City is a fantastic place to run.  The cityscape, the public parks, the available trails and waterways to run on and along; they all provide great motivation for getting out the door and going for a run.  The numerous running clubs and racing opportunities are plentiful as well.  The good news is Austin and the surrounding area, and much of the state in general, has great running opportunities.  For many of you recent transplants like me, and those new to running as well, the Austin Metro Area has many races, running groups, and beautiful running routes.  I've only just begun to explore everything running related in the area.  In the fall/winter of 2018 I started training with a couple of marathon training groups in Downtown Austin in preparation for the Austin Marathon and other local races.  These running groups are set up and sponsored by three of the most prominent running organizations in Austin:  Austin Runners Club - , TwentySixTwo - , and Rogue Running - (running store that has running groups) .  There are training groups that run at various locations and times, and for people of all running abilities and distances.  Many of you may enjoy running/jogging but don't necessarily want to race or train for a race; there are plenty of groups for that as well.  Most of these groups also have a strong social component, often going out together for breakfast or drinks after one of their scheduled runs.  If you've just moved to the Austin area or are getting ready to,  and like to run, check out the above websites for these three organizations.  It's a great way to explore this area on foot, stay in shape, and a wonderful avenue for meeting new people.  For those of you in or around the City of San Marcos, which is just a short distance south of Austin on I-35, check out the two fantastic clubs there:  San Marcos Runners Club - and Core Running Company - (running store that has running groups).  If you are living in or near Wimberley (where I reside), look up our new running club on Facebook; Woodcreek Stampede Running Club; and join us for one of our early morning runs.  

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Originally from the New York City area, I spent part of my childhood growing up in San Antonio before attending UT Austin for college. More recently, after spending 16 years as a Real Estate Agent in....

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